Press Kit for The Aspiring Actor's Handbook

by Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp

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Ebook Released October 15th 2013 Los Angeles

Print Version Released Feburary 2014 Los Angeles

Published by Bettie Youngs Books

Endorsed by Bryan Cranston, 3 time Emmy winner star of “Breaking Bad”

What aspiring actors don't know about the career they dream of could fill a book, and now it has! Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp have culled the wit and wisdom of a wide array of successful actors to create the kind of mentoring perspective they wish they'd had starting out. Unlike the many books on acting technique or guides to getting the right headshot or agent as there are, this book uniquely speaks to the real-life experiences professional actors have confronted. It is a simple and concise mentoring companion for aspiring actors with stars in their eyes, designed to help them make informed decisions about pursuing the career of an actor.

Title:           The Aspiring Actor’s Handbook

Subtitle:     What Seasoned Actors Wish

                   They Had Known

Author:       Molly Creek and Debbie Zipp

Publisher:  Bettie Youngs Books

ISBN:          978-1940784021 (ebook)

                   978-1940784120 (Print)

Pages:         241

Published: October 2013 (ebook)

                   February 2014 (print)

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