Press Kit for The Aspiring Actor's Handbook

by Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp

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The Authors





Molly Cheek starred as Jim’s mom in the American Pie movies, and the popular Showtime series It’s Garry Shandling’s Show as well as the syndicated series Harry and the Hendersons. Best-known for her recurring role as Donna Murder She Wrote, Debbie Zipp has also starred in the series Small and Frye and shot over 300 national commercials.

“We made a darn good living and have over 35 years experience as actresses. You can trust what we say because we have "been there, done that”. The tips, advice, and personal stories we share with our readers are heart-felt, honest and freely given out of love and respect for the pursuit of an acting career. In that spirit, we share all that we know and what we wish we had known as professional actors.”