Press Kit for The Aspiring Actor's Handbook

by Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp

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The Contributors

As the authors, we owe our contributors a debt of gratitude. We want to thank all the actresses (listed) who shared their thoughts, advice and stories in this book. We have profound respect for them.

Mariann Alda, Roberta Bassin, Jan Bina, Murphy Cross, Robin Dearden, Barbara Dirickson, Judith Drake, Maggie Egan-Cummings, Teresa Ganzel, Beth Grant, Jeanne Hartman, Anne Marie Howard, Doris Hess, Sherry Hursey, Janice Kent, Pat Lentz, Deborah May, Iona Morris, Marianne Muellerleile, Sue Mullen, Robin Polk, Maggie Roswell, Claudette Sutherland and Dee Wallace