Press Kit for The Aspiring Actor's Handbook

by Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp

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The Aspiring Actor’s Handbook, What Seasoned Actor’s Wish They Had Known

There is indeed room for success in the vast expanse between starving artist and Angelina Jolie’s stardom.

It is a collection of real-world advice from Molly and Debbie and over 20 veteran actors on what to expect and encouragement to live fully while navigating the rough road of a show business career. Contributions from 25 amazing successful actresses like Dee Wallace and Beth Grant, (whose faces and resumes will be immediately recognizable), reassure wishful, would-be actors that there is indeed room for them in the vast expanse between Starving Artist and Angelina Jolie. Like the big sisters we wish we’d had, these successful working actors share with aspiring high-school and college thespians their personal stories, advice and counsel on getting a career started, managing finances, handling the various “handlers” one encounters, dealing with disappointment, sex in the workplace and, most of all, maintaining integrity in the Great Unknown of Show Business.

Here’s hoping young, wishful actors everywhere can find the inspiration and encouragement they need by getting this book into their eager hands.

Written originally as a mentoring companion targeting high school and college-aged performers, the insights, personal stories and advice imparted in “The Aspiring Actor’s Handbook” speak to anyone, newcomer or veteran, who needs a reminder that they are not alone navigating their career through uncertain waters. Recognizing the universality of self-doubt, mis-steps, and disappointment as well as triumphs big and small, this book has the feel of a safe refuge that you can carry along with you; always there for real-life support and encouragement.